Meters made beautiful

Program Description

Ford Arts, Beats & Eats and The City of Royal Oak Commission for the Arts sought amateur and professional artists to artistically paint parking meters in the downtown festival footprint of Royal Oak. This project is part of the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts’ ongoing efforts to encourage and support arts and culture in the City of Royal Oak and is sponsored by Ford. See below for a list of winners and their painted meters.

2017 Application

Single Meter Template

Double Meter Template


Meters Made Beautiful features painted parking meters inside the Ford Arts, Beats & Eats Festival footprint that debuted Labor Day Weekend 2016 during the festival.  The meters are painted with custom designs which were submitted through an artist application process and reviewed and approved by a joint Arts, Beats & Eats and Royal Oak Commission for the Arts Committee. 


2016 Winners


Artsy Fart: Alyssa Klash and Alan Ledford- Hazel Park, MI

About the Artist: Artsy Fart is the awesome art collaboration company between artists Alan Ledford and Alyssa Klash. Meeting by chance, both artists realized they shared a similar illustration style as well as artistic vision. The two decided to combine forces and create Artsy Fart! Artsy Fart talents include but are not limited to: animation, apparel, art, toys, and teaching. It is Artsy Farts mission to spread fun, creativity, and bring out the inner kid at heart in everything we create.

About the Art: The artwork submitted is part of a new series by the artist duo dealing with the theme of nightmares. The artwork is inspired by the creatures who control our physical and subconscious realms while we sleep.

Location:  South side of Fourth Street between Lafayette & Washington


Robin DuFour-Hyden – Chesterfield, MI

About the artist: Robin is a graphic designer with a degree from the College for Creative Studies. She loves doing new projects and does freelance work every chance she gets. Her background includes design work, murals, chalk drawings, computer graphics, and photography. She enjoys going to Royal Oak’s Farmers Market, restaurants, shops, and of course, the Ford Arts, Beats & Eats Festival every year! Robin is very happy to have had a chance to paint a meter in the Meters Made Beautiful project.

About the art: “Flamingo Road” is a bright, bold, pink flamingo standing at attention next to the street.

Location: West side of Washington, at the corner of 7th Street, between 6th & 7th Streets


Katie Hosback - Royal Oak, MI

About the Artist: Katie has been a resident of Royal Oak for 10 years. Not only is she an artist, but she has also been an art teacher for the past 12 years in Troy.

About the Art: Katie chose to represent the great and mighty oak tree because it is what our great community is named after. Also an oak tree represents stability and strength often growing for centuries while standing up to the harsh elements of nature. 


Location: West side of Washington between 5th & 6th


Kathleen Rulkowski: East side of Washington, north of 4th Street

Alexa Cavanaugh: East side of Washington, between 7th & Lincoln

Michelle Hurley: East side of Washington, between 4th & 5th

Melinda Bylow & Corinne Elizabeth: West side of Washington, between 7th & Lincoln

Virginia LaMont Naegeli: West side of Washington, between 6th & 7th

Kristen Schultz: West side of Washington, between 7th & Lincoln

Spencer Barrer & Alyssa Reimold: West side of Washington between 7th & Lincoln

Aliya Moore: West side of Washington between 6th & 7th (corner of 6th)

Marvin Teeples: West side of Washington between 5th & 6th

Francesca Gagliano: West side of Washington between 4th & 5th