Meters made beautiful

Ford Arts, Beats & Eats and The City of Royal Oak Commission for the Arts seek amateur and professional artists to artistically paint parking meters in the downtown festival footprint of Royal Oak. This project is part of the Royal Oak Commission for the Arts’ ongoing efforts to encourage and support arts and culture in the City of Royal Oak and is sponsored by Flagstar Bank.

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

1st Place: Michelle Hurley

2nd Place: Lori Fillmore

3rd Place: Wendy Popko


Honorable Mentions:

Robin Hyden

Melinda Bylow & Corinne Elizabeth

Katie Hosbach

Marvin Teeples

Artsy Fart (Alan Ledford & Alyssa Klash)

Dana Carlson

Alexa Cavanaugh

Virginia Naegeli

Karen Fish

James Anderson