Ford Arts, Beats & Eats has long been recognized for the quality and quantity of its family-friendly entertainment.  Guaranteed to attract youngsters with fun, interactive programming throughout the four days of the festival, activities in the Kids Zone begin at 11 a.m. each day.



2:00 PM            The Detroit School of Rock and Pop Music

4:30 PM            Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

5:15 PM            Michigan Science Center

6:00 PM            Pure Imagination Magic

6:40 PM           Michigan Science Center

7:25 PM           Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff


12:00 PM         Rocky the Dinosaur Puppet Show

12:40 PM         Pure Imagination Magic

1:20 PM            Juggler Tim Salisbury

2:00 PM           Billy Goats Gruff Puppet Show

2:40 PM           Michigan Science Center

3:25 PM           Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

4:05 PM           Juggler Tim Salisbury

4:45 PM           Michigan Science Center

5:30 PM           Rocky the Dinosaur Puppet Show

6:10 PM           Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

6:50 PM          Juggler Tim Salisbury

7:30 PM           Billy Goats Gruff Puppet Show


12:00 PM         Randyl Lee Magic

12:40 PM         Kevin Devine Music Show

1:20 PM            Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

2:00 PM           Juggler Tim Salisbury

2:40 PM           Kevin Devine Music Show

3:20 PM           Pure Imagination Magic

4:00 PM           Randyl Lee Magic

4:40 PM           Kevin Devine Music Show

5:20 PM           Juggler Tim Salisbury

6:00 PM           Randyl Lee Magic

6:40 PM           Kevin Devine Music Show

7:20 PM           Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff


12:00 PM         Rosco the Clown

12:40 PM         Joe Reilly Concert

1:20 PM           Pure Imagination Magic

2:00 PM           Laugh It Up with Rosco

2:40 PM           Joe Reilly Concert

3:20 PM           Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

4:00 PM           Rosco the Clown

4:40 PM           Joe Reilly Concert

5:20 PM           Pure Imagination Magic

6:00 PM           Laugh It Up with Rosco

6:40 PM           Joe Reilly Concert

7:20 PM           Cool Tricks & Funny Stuff

Detroit Red Wings Hockey Skills Challenges

An interactive hockey zone with Electronic Top Shot Net, Hockey tables, video games and the opportunity to win player autographed merchandise and tickets to the upcoming Red Wings hockey season.

Moonwalks by Inflatable Playspaces

Sure to draw “oohs and aahs” and lots of giggles will be the Moonwalk presented by Inflatable Playspaces, a Royal Oak company.

Kiddie Carnival

Mid America Shows will be providing a kiddie carnival, and will have ten rides geared toward families (kids ages 3-13 and adults)located in two sections, one in the Sherman Lot in the north end of the festival, and two, in the Royal Oak city lot bordered by 6th and Main Street.  Ride prices will be between 4 and 6 tickets event tickets or $2.50 to $3.75 per ride. The times for the carnival are between 11am and 11pm on Friday through Sunday and from 11am to 9pm on Monday. Ticket booths close 1/2 hour before rides close.


This year, the entire family can enjoy FREE Arts & Crafts, presented by Kroger.  The crafts will be put together by Detroit based non-profit Arts and Scraps.  Utilizing recycled materials from around Detroit kids and adults can create a musical instrument and learn about unusual food, as well as invent the perfect food, play a junk xylophone or build a giant marble run and see how many sounds can be created on the musical ramp. 

 Milk Mustache Tour

Sponsored by the United Dairy Industry of Michigan, the Milk Mustache Tour is an interactive, family-friendly sight-see designed to provide awareness and education of dairy foods as fresh, local, and nutritious, all while in an exciting setting. Inside the Milk Mustache Tour trailer, attendees will experience fun video games and dairy trivia, sample dairy products like ice cream, flavored milk, yogurt, or string cheese, and will even have the opportunity to meet special guest, Miss Moo.